Payroll Services with a local CPA

At Rutledge CPA, PLLC we understand that your payroll needs change over time.  That is why we offer different options to fit the needs of your business. Flexibility and simplicity are key.  Whether you want to be hands-on or hands-off in the payroll process, we can customize your payroll experience.  From printed or direct deposited payroll checks, managing employee deductions, managing quarterly and annual filings, and electronically remitting state and federal payments, we will take care of your full payroll needs.

Payroll services include:

  • Payroll data entry: Client/employee entered OR Accountant entered
  • Employee deductions, allowances, withholding analysis
  • Quarterly & Annual wage and withholding tax filings
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Federal & State electronic tax payments
  • Year-end W-2s and IRS W-3 filing
  • Payroll reporting
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